Innovation for

Create a more transparent, collaborative, and highly engaged democratic process that empowers grassroots leadership by removing the financial barriers associated with running for office.


A transparent and transformative government can never exist when the vast majority of political funding comes from corporations and Super PACs. We remove corporate support of political campaigns.


An online platform designed for political candidates and existing politicians that enables them to both run their political campaigns and connect with their constituents on a year round basis.

Reimagining Democracy

We make engaging in our Democracy easy. Our custom matching algorithms let you tell us about you and we show you how your values match with the candidates.

Expanding Possibilities

OurSociety is free and always will be forever citizen users. Politicians and candidates make small donations each month to support the platform. Together we can stop corporate donations and interference in our political system.

Creating Collaboration

As you tell us about yourself we take that information and analyze it. We’re going to identify common wants among citizens and release that info to the public. Together we can stop focusing on wedge issues and collaborate to make real change.

OurSociety begins with you!

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