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Free & Open Election Campaign Platform

Building A Better Democracy Together

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Beta Launching April 2018 – New Jersey District 7

Our Experiment

OurSociety is a prototype for what could be the free and open political campaigning utility.  Issue focused, well moderated, accessible, and easy to use.  Open to everyone running for a public office.

Not for profit

We’re creating a more transparent, accessible, and engaging democratic process that empowers grassroots leadership. OurSociety focuses on policies, plans, and vision – not charisma and cash.

Collaborative Democracy

OurSociety users tell us about themselves and we identify opportunities for cooperation.  Together we will help to create a more unified national direction. We’ve got more in common than we know.

Reimaigne Democracy – Check out our Making the Movement Vlog!

OurSociety begins with you!

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