On Thursday 11/8/18 over 100,000 American citizens banded together to demand that the Mueller investigation not to be interfered with.  We organized the local rapid response rally in New Brunswick, NJ in collaboration with   With less than 20 hours of working time, we were able to mobilize 150 community members to come together in defense of our democracy.  There may be a need for future rapid response rallies, and I wanted to share

Designing the Culture of Tomorrow

Posted on November 6, 2018

Technology and culture exist within a constant state of intertwined expansion. It’s easy to forget that the first iPhone was released in 2007, a mere eleven years ago.  Today approximately three billion people [1] use smartphones, about 39% of our total population. Each one of these devices providing access to much of the world’s full information.  Numerous social [2], economic [3], and political [4] revolutions have developed due to the increased connectivity and access to

The Founding Fathers were Progressives

Posted on October 30, 2018

If we view the Founding Fathers and the 55 framers of the constitution through the lens of the present, it is apparent that they would be considered progressive thinkers. The purpose of the formation of our democratic republic was to create a system of institutional alternatives to what was available at the time. A new way of living that had never existed before. It was a time in American history where human imagination and

If the Progressive project within the United States hopes to build a lasting movement that enhances access and agency for all individuals, it must develop systemic alternatives beyond the limitations of the existing regimes of thought.  These visions must be bold and creative enough to inspire the imagination of real change within our collective populace while at the same time avoid being so utopic that they are dismissed as impossible. Modern politics is a struggle

Overcoming Institutionalized Ethics

Posted on October 16, 2018

At the heart of the Progressive project is a change in direction from what is to what will be. Institutional arrangements have shaped the ethics and consciousness of a people throughout history – they define the very nature of our interactions with one another and the world around us. Present reality demands a more precise examination of the ethics that are imprinted upon us by our systemic structure. The Progressive project seeks to build institutions