New Jersey activists have been working tirelessly towards raising the minimum wage.  Groups such as Businesses for a Fair Minimum Wage, the Poor People’s Campaign, and Fight for $15 rally and organize to secure a more significant economic floor for lower wage workers.  For those of us working towards a more transformational vision of society a higher minimum wage   Sifting through the noise There are some dogmatic believers in our current form

Solving the Democratic Dictator Dilemma

Posted on September 11, 2018

Over the last two years of working on the OurSociety Experiment, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of people who were involved with governance, activism, and candidacies in the state of New Jersey. It has been an enlightening experience in many ways, and I have observed some common perceptions that make for great discussion. Specifically, what drove people to select a president with authoritative beliefs and ideals? More importantly, how do we

Simplified Law of Accelerating Returns

Posted on September 4, 2018

Renowned innovator Ray Kurzweil has a list of accolades too long to write about in an article with “Simplified” in the title.  I had first stumbled upon one of his YouTube interviews  and after listening immediate purchased The Singularity is Near.  It’s a comprehensive text filled with fascinating information, but the biggest take away by many was Ray’s analysis of history to track the growth of technology.  He observed what he named

Sometimes, life forces us to cast aside our previous conceptions to learn and progress in the face of new challenges and crises.  Old ideas, beliefs, and facts have historically been thrown aside when evidence, reason, and logic have shed light on new potentials for what is and what could be.  Turning our eyes to American politics today, we witness our two older generations of the political class grasping desperately to save a system that empowers

Recently, we’ve been having numerous conversations with other active members in our local Progressive communities and on more than one occasion I’ve listened to the perspective that the most progressive thing to do would be to implement a strict Marxist Socialism immediately and redistribute the collective wealth. I disagree. There’s no doubt that Karl Marx was a visionary thinker and economist whose insights on the modes of production helped to redefine what could be possible.