The Chosen Few — 2018 Campaign Fundraising in New Jersey

Posted by Ron Rivers on March 1, 2018

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The 2018 Congressional elections are well underway in New Jersey; candidates are campaigning locally, buying up Facebook advertisements, and sharing their vision of a better future with their potential constituents.  This year we can observe numerous candidates running for office who exist outside of the traditional Democratic and Republican machines.    New ideas, new visions for the future, and fresh faces entering the landscape to provide alternative pathways forward in a system that typically offers no

Responsible Democracy and the Future

Posted by Ron Rivers on February 15, 2018

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The Democratic Republic established in the United States was a revolutionary concept of what the human experience could be at the present state in time. A nation comprised of smaller sub-nations (states) each acting as a laboratory of experimentation for different ways of being in accordance with the desires and needs of their constituents. Elected representatives would meet together to work on policies, programs, and legislation that would help to further the interests of the
U.S. Politics are systemically flawed due to the amount of capital needed to run for public office.   The first OurSociety experiment is a free platform for candidates running for office that empowers individuals from all economic classes to have a voice. While other campaign platforms exist, they are private, for-profit firms that focus on helping candidates raise funding.  At OurSociety we believe that there is a better way.  A not-for-profit campaign platform that is focused

OurSociety Principles: Society as Technology

Posted by Ron Rivers on January 16, 2018

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All of our social systems of being such as our democracy, the market economy, our views on the relation of property and contract, and the relationships between finance and the means of production should be viewed from the same lens that would we would any other technology.   In this article, I will present the argument that we have allowed our Social Technology of democracy to become outdated. If we as a collective were to
  OurSociety’s purpose is to create a more transparent, collaborative, engaging democratic process that empowers grassroots leadership. We’re accomplishing our mission through the development of a platform that enables a consistent experience for obtaining information on and engaging with local governments. By having all of the municipalities within the U.S. on a single non-partisan, non-profit local government platform, we can realize tremendous benefits for both the administrations and the constituents. Elected Representatives – Who Are