Policies, Plans, & Vision

Get to know all of the candidates, not just the two with the most money.  Detailed candidate profiles focus on issues not parties.  OurSociety empowers anyone to run for office, regardless of socioeconomic status.  All of the information you seek in a uniform and easy to use platform.

Engage in the Experiment

All users can tell us what they think about specific issues and concepts by answering questions.  We analyze that data to identify trends and present opportunities for cooperation.  We share that data and analysis with everyone for free.

Data Driven Decisions Making

We make voting correctly based on your values easier than ever.  As you share your perspective we’ll show you how you match with your candidate choices both overall and over 27 different categories.  All users answer from the same pool of questions.

Contribute to the Discussion

The OurSociety Experiment belongs to all of us and we need your help grow and improve. Further the discussion by offering a new question or statement for others to engage with.  Your participation helps us evolve to the needs of the collective populace.