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We strive to help shift the voting populace from ideological party-based voting to a more informed issue-based paradigm. In keeping aligned with our purpose OurSociety requires the information submitted by political candidates and existing elected representatives to be clearly explained, numerically accurate, and free of negative and/or disparaging comments about your competitors. All information submitted will be reviewed to through our citizen volunteer Fact Checkers ensure that included content falls within our guidelines. Below we break down some basic rules you should follow to ensure the content you submit is published without delay.


Profile Information Policies, Plans, Vision Creating your Societal Value Profile
The Biography section of your profile is a chance to let people know about your education, experience, and the recognition you have achieved.

All of the information submitted should be accurate and verifiable.

The Policies, Plans, and Vision section can be broken down into two distinct sections; text and video.

Text: Submitting white papers about the policies and plans you would enact if elected and/or about your vision for a better future.

Video: Producing short videos summarizing your policies, plans, and visions. Keeping them aligned with your text is important.

Policies/Plans: Informational documents that explain your policies and plans in detail. These will be reviewed and fact-checked prior to publishing.

Vision: These documents are your opportunity to share your ideas about a better tomorrow with your potential constituents. Think big! This is an opportunity to get people excited.

OurSociety incorporates detailed value matching algorithms to help Citizen Users who may not have the time to read your detailed policies, plans, and visions connect with you. The method is similar to those used on dating websites.

You should answer the questions as honestly as possible, focusing on your true feelings and not what you may believe the constituents want to hear. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it will allow you to connect deeper with sections of constituents.

We believe our data will show that citizen users are more likely to chose the candidate with very high rankings in the few things they care most about than the candidate who they match ~70% of the time on all subjects.

No users can view your specific answers to the questions proposed.  We value both the privacy and freedom to express individual perspectives for all of our members.


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