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Sharing your policies and plans is a great way to connect with users who share a passion with you pertaining to specific subjects. Citizen Users of the OurSociety platform are engaging because they want transparency in information and clarity about the people they are choosing to lead them. Almost every political campaign focuses a set of plans and policies that the specific candidate wants to address, but often the public lacks the details of the plan lowering accountability. The purpose of producing a policy / plan guideline is to present a policy change and/or plan for change and break the plan down in a detailed but clear manner so as to demonstrate to your engaged potential constituents. How detailed? That is your decision to make, however as the platform progresses we imagine that it will be apparent which candidates have dedicated time to their campaign plans and which have not yet done so.

Most importantly you should be aware that all content you produce will be reviewed and fact checked. If you use statistics please source them, if you are quoting someone please provide a source for the quote, any claim regarding finances or financial estimates must have a source of evidence to support the claim. Producing accurate sources of information for your policies and plans the first time will expedite the publication of your information. This is to help OurSociety remain as transparent and factual as possible so that our Citizen Users have confidence both in the platform and the political candidates using it.

Consider your audience. The most likely people to read your policies and plans are people that align with your passion about specific areas of society and the improvements they need. They are excited to hear about what you’re going to do, so give them the information they want. Break it down, explore ideas, and explain your motivation for doing so. Don’t sensationalize your message, be clear and concise. Citizen Users are looking to hear what you have to say, but don’t have all day.

Never, under any circumstance, talk negatively about a competitive political candidate. The platform is about you and your ideas, not how much you dislike your opponents. If after reading your opponents policies and plans you believe there is factually incorrect information contained in the article than please notify us at facts@oursociety.org. Be sure to provide information and sources supporting your claim within the email. Abuse of this service of OurSociety is not permitted.

Most importantly tell them why. Why will your plan be the best plan for your constituents’ greater good? Why is now the right time? Why are you the person who should lead the agenda?

OurSociety provides real opportunity for candidates to connect with constituents like never before. It also will provide the most value to users who see the value and dedicate time to connecting with their Citizen User base.

Below we discuss a few strategies for writing a white papers and creating videos about your policies, plans, and vision.

Structuring your Ideas:
We recommend following the outlined guide below to structure both your text and videos submissions. This will help to create an easy and engaging Citizen User experience.


  1. Summarize your argument in the first paragraph. Let the readers know exactly what you intend to do and why you believe it is important. This is your opportunity to get the reader excited and engaged from the start.
  2. Think of our Citizen User base as potential votes for you – each one matters. OurSociety users are accessing the platform to learn so be sure to provided objective information and support it with facts. This will help you build trust with Citizen Users over time.
  3. Do not make your users struggle to understand your writing. Avoid jargon, acronyms, and obscure references. After you’ve finished your first draft of your plan review it to see if you can consolidate some of the ideas.
  4. Be specific. Address your main points. Again the Citizen Users want to know about your vision but like most of us feel that time is precious.
  5. Stand out. It is not enough to say your plan solves the problem, you must explain how it solves it. Provide evidence that it will work. As mentioned above you cannot talk negatively about a political opponent, but feel free to compare their ideas/plans against yours in a comparative fashion, especially if you have evidence to demonstrate that your plans/policies would be more beneficial.
  6. Include visuals. Many people learn and understand visual better than text. Include graphs, tables, images, etc. to help further explain your policies and plans.
  7. Keep it simple. Avoid complex and lengthy paragraphs, instead use simple and plain English.
  8. Try and structure your article in the following order:
    1. Intro/Main Point/Why
    2. Problems
    3. Solutions
    4. Plan of Action
    5. Conclusion
  9. Most importantly; be truthful. Do not exaggerate your facts, your budgets, or your experience. Do not underestimate your projected expenses and/or the aggregate tax take that will increase/decrease as a result of your plans. OurSociety content goes through a citizen reviewed Fact Checking process that confirms that content of media submissions to be accurate and truthful. Misleading submissions will only delay your content from becoming published.


Text: White papers about your policies and plans give you more room to explain your ideas at length than video but should still be concise.

We recommend a page range from 1 – 3 pages but this is not a requirement. Keep in mind that too short of an article may come off as under prepared while too long may turn readers off.

Note: Linking to sources is required. Linking back to personal websites, social media, and donation pages, is not permitted.

Video: There are numerous YouTube video guides out there and many reach the same conclusion; short and concise videos are the best option to get your message across. Aim for 1-5 minutes in length.

Have fun and be yourself. OurSociety is focused on issues not showmanship – users want to connect with you.

Note: No watermarks and/or back-links of any kind are allowed. All videos containing them will be rejected.

When submitting articles about your policies, plans, and visions you will use the built in content submission forms on your individual profile page. source

Policies/Plans Articles: Any information regarding budgets, statistics, or other hard facts should be sourced. You will provide your sources by linking to them within the platform. If they are from a book linking to an online source for the book (Amazon for example) will be acceptable. Popular policy and plan articles will be shared with the OurSociety community.

Vision Articles: Vision articles should also be sourced if you are using current data to
present your future vision. Musing about future potentials do not
require sources. Vision articles are your space to dream big with your constituents. Popular vision articles will be shared with the OurSociety community.

Videos: Videos should ideally be summaries of your written Policies, Plans, and Vision articles and/or Municipality functions such as town halls, event announcements, and more. Videos found to be containing false or misleading information will be removed. Repeat offenders will have their posting privileges removed. Popular videos will be shared with the OurSociety community.

Note that this article is not designed to teach you how to create and record videos for YouTube. If you need help getting started on creating videos and uploading them to YouTube.com please click here.


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