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Detailing your Vision to our Citizen Users is a great way to really think big and get people excited about your ideas for a better future. Consider your Vision Articles an exercise in thinking aloud. Do not limit yourself to what can be done today, rather approach Vision Articles from the standpoint of how you would make the world more utopian if it were possible. One of the fundamental challenges within our political institutions at present day is the lack of long-term vision and direction that permeates all participants. Vision articles give you a chance to lay out a potential scenario that could lead to a better future for all participants in our democracy.

Unlike Policy and Plan articles which require sourcing of information to demonstrate the accuracy of your statements, a Vision Article is not subject to the same scrutiny. If your Vision articles use statistics to demonstrate problems that exist today you should source those, but when speaking about what you would like to do to change the situation being referenced you do not need to explain in detail how it would be possible. Of course, if you have a clear path to change it would benefit you to explain it.

Vision articles do not have to exist in the present. You may be thinking 10, 20, 50, or more years from now – these are the type of ideas that should be shared by elected leadership. Through sharing of information and discussion, our collective society will begin to determine the best path forward. There is no limitation to what you may imagine through your vision articles, some examples of topics could be, “Employment and Purpose in the Automation Economy”, “Setting ethical standards for Space exploration”, “Complete Clean energy in the U.S. by 2030”, “Ending Poverty – Our Most Important Goal”, “Rethinking the relationship between Finance and Production”. These are just some basic ideas, but you should feel empowered to explore any topics that you find interesting and are passionate about.

As with your articles and videos about Policies and Plans you should be concise and clear with your writing. Visuals that help convey your message are highly recommended. Length of Vision articles is at your discretion however the previously recommended 6-12 pages may be a good starting point. Keep your objective in mind; you’re trying to get people excited and engaged about the democracy of the future. By demonstrating your capabilities to create a potential pathway or direction to success you will build a base of loyal and trusting followers who will help you actualize your goals.

Most importantly, dream big and focus on success.


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