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OurSociety Ambassadors are individuals who choose to dedicate their time and energy towards educating our youth about the importance and relevance of civic engagement.  Utilizing the OurSociety platform, Ambassadors demonstrate how easy it is for students to engage with their communities.

The Purpose of our Ambassador program is to increase the engagement and participation of young citizen by connecting their efforts with tangible results and involving them in the discussions playing out in their communities, state, and/or nation.

We strongly believe that a highly engaged citizenry is necessary for a functioning democracy but political practices have become antiquated for today’s youth.  OurSociety empowers young voters to engage in the process on their own time and in their own way.

We will measure the success of our mission by tracking community participation and voting increases among high school and college-aged citizens.  As our program grows and we learn and evolve from our experiences we hope to facilitate monthly OurSociety gatherings in participating communities to come together to discuss the proposed Policies, Plans, and Visions submitted by both elected representatives and the citizenry.  In addition, OurSociety Ambassadors will constantly solicit feedback from participants on how they believe the platform could be improved by their experience.

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