OurSociety Ambassadors: Volunteer To Teach Civic Engagement

By Ron Rivers,

What is an Ambassador?

OurSociety Ambassadors are citizen volunteers who want to engage with their local communities by facilitating educational seminars about civic engagement for their local High Schools by using the OurSociety platform.

OurSociety Ambassadors facilitate discussion style educational seminars with the intention of fostering a clearer understanding of civic engagement and the tangible benefits of participating in your local communities. We then work with the students to help ideate community improvement projects. Students research, plan and submit community improvement plans or policy suggestions through the OurSociety platform. A few weeks later our Ambassadors return with either the Mayor or an elected Council Member to discuss the submitted plans.

Lesson plans and discussion topics are provided by OurSociety.  Ambassadors are expected to lead discussions about the material provided.  Since we strongly focus on discussions no two lessons will ever be the same, therefore it is important that Ambassadors have strong communication skills and the patience needed to work with young adults.

Ambassadors are representatives of the OurSociety experiment and therefore should personally share the vision that OurSociety is working towards.  We believe in free, open, and transparent societies that foster opportunities for engagement, innovation, and inclusion.  To learn more about our strategic vision and plan click here.  Because we are dealing with schools and students OurSociety conducts selective interviews with Ambassador candidates and reserves the right to reject any potential volunteers for any reason.  We will do our best to provide these applicants with feedback and other pathways of involvement to help build a better society through OurSociety.

How do I become an Ambassador?

If you think that you would be an Ambassador please contact us.  When selecting a reason for your email please select “Volunteering” from the drop-down.  Be sure to leave us a contact email and/or phone number so we can set up a time to speak with you more in-depth about the program.

Note that OurSociety focuses educational efforts on municipalities that are participating in the OurSociety experiment via our platform.  If you would like to volunteer but your municipality is not yet involved please contact us anyway.  This will help us focus our efforts on which communities to add next!