OurSociety Platform Roadmap

By Ron Rivers,

At its core, OurSociety is both a Free and Open Election Campaign Platform and a social movement.  Our purpose is to empower more people than ever before to become involved in their communities and beyond.  Because OurSociety is a collective social project, we want to be sure we are as transparent as possible with our planning and process.  Below you will find our Roadmap for the Free and Open Election Campaign platform.  This details the features we plan to add as we progress through our beta rollout and beyond.

Have a great idea for a feature we aren’t thinking about?  Just let us know below!

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Our Logo Explained

By Ron Rivers,

Designing on Vision

Organizational logos are a powerful way to explain your vision and organization to people in an instant, which is why we took the task of creating ours very seriously at OurSociety. Logos of successful organizations are instantly recognizable and often convey emotion and understanding associated with the feeling of using the company’s products or services. The challenge we faced in designing our logo was how to incorporate the big vision of the OurSociety experiment into a single image.

OurSociety is a centralized local governance platform designed to empower individuals to make the correct political decision easier than ever. We use the data we collect to identify trends among the voting populace and share that information with the public in the form of data based truthful information. OurSociety creates a bridge for people to have more involvement within their community without having to attend a specific town hall meeting while ensuring that the content is relevant, truthful, and accurate. Most importantly we approach this vision from a local government standpoint where it matters most, your community. What was the best way to convey this information to an artist? Is anything we said actually tangible? We had some tough questions to answer but here is what we came up with:

“The logo should convey direction/purpose and can include elements of the following: total inclusiveness (all of our society) aka coming together, data (we will be using the data we collect to impact positive social change), and should include the color purple (combo of blue and red)…”
Taken from our internal notes for the design process


When we received the initial artwork our entire team was in love. The check marks in the logo represent two separate pieces of data coming together to form a decision. Each individual “bar” represents information (data) provided to us by and/or given to our users.

The data comes together to form a check mark – a symbol of decision and choice. This really spoke to us because at our core we are about empowering our users to make better decisions in regards to your beliefs and interests through factual data instead of the traditional rhetoric.

Adding the dot above the check was a way to humanize the experience; creating an image of a person with arm raised in participation, saying “I’m in!” OurSociety is a collaborative project for all of us and your engagement is crucial to our collective success. Engagement can be defined as telling us about yourself and your Societal Values so that we can help vote based off of your values instead of an arbitrary party designation and/or as getting involved by submitting policy, plan, and vision articles. No matter how you choose to utilize the OurSociety utility we want you to know that your voice gets equal representation in our data, no single person regardless of political, economic, or social standing has a higher (or lower) value than you.


Bringing the circle of the checks together demonstrates unity with no beginning or end; participation and engagement by our users to help define OurSociety. Internally we define OurSociety as a concept rather than a product; in today’s age of exponential growth of technology and information we need to view our collective society as a social technology. As with any other technology we must constantly experiment and innovate our practices and procedures within society in order to improve them. OurSociety provides a centralized, uniform platform for creating this type of environment for improvement by utilizing data collection and aggregation to determine the wants and needs of communities both large and small. The data is released to the public to help further understanding about collective wants and to inspire collaborative projects. By fostering active participation within the OurSociety we will be able to provide clear direction and purpose for our local community governments; helping elected civil servants lead more efficiently while empowering an entirely new generation to become involved in our process.


Why Purple?

Purple is the combination of Red and Blue, the two current representations of American politics. At our core the OurSociety experiment is about uniting people together. In the modern information age communication is globally integrated linking us all closer together than ever before; we’re helping to update our local government practice and procedure to best take advantage of this interconnectivity in order to create more experimentation and innovation at a community level. Anyone can be involved in the OurSociety platform regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, etc. with equal voice and say. We care about proposed policies, plans, and visions and if a citizen is willing to commit their time into researching and developing a plan for improvement we believe they deserve to be heard. Taking advantage of our collective human capital and innovation empowers the individual citizen to have more agency within their communities and governance.

In addition to our idealistic reasoning for the color purple there is also significant data and evidence available that supports the belief that America is not majorly red or blue, but rather purple. In 2000 Robert Vanderbi of Princeton University created the first Purple America map which more accurately described the temperature of politics within the United States. The data from Purple America helps to support our message that as citizens have more in common than we think and OurSociety is going to prove it.


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