OurSociety Platform Roadmap

By Ron Rivers,

At its core, OurSociety is both a Free and Open Election Campaign Platform and a social movement.  Our purpose is to empower more people than ever before to become involved in their communities and beyond.  Because OurSociety is a collective social project, we want to be sure we are as transparent as possible with our planning and process.  Below you will find our Roadmap for the Free and Open Election Campaign platform.  This details the features we plan to add as we progress through our beta rollout and beyond.

Have a great idea for a feature we aren’t thinking about?  Just let us know below!

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Political Users: Opportunities for Exposure

By Ron Rivers,

OurSociety recognizes that in order for our experiment to work we need to offer value to both our Citizen Users and Political Users; therefore we have developed several opportunities within the platform for political candidates.

Front Page Highlights: As you continue to publish your Policies/Plans/Visions to your profile you have an opportunity to be featured on the front page of OurSociety.org. The selection process for this is random and will be completely unbiased to the politician’s political affiliation. (Note that political party affiliation is not something featured on the OurSociety platform). As with any random choosing the more entries you have the better your opportunity to gain visibility is. The front page exposure allows your message to be seen and heard by constituents both inside and outside of your legislative zone. These highlights will be available for both text and video submissions.

Bi-Weekly Email Updates: All users of the OurSociety platform will have the opportunity to opt into bi-weekly email updates highlighting what is new on the OurSociety platform. These updates will showcase new publications or existing popular ones. In addition in the future, we intend to incorporate more specifically tailored email blasts so your updates always get in front of the people who want to see them. This allows you to connect deeper with the base you intend to serve.

Debate Videos: In the future, OurSociety will be able to specify hot topics within our user community. We will present these topics to our entire Political User base and allow anyone to volunteer to debate the topic. These debates may be head to head or they may just be a deep dive into a specific topic individually and the Citizen Users can watch both and decide which they agree with more.

Other: Part of OurSociety’s core values is a focus on experimentation. Our platform is designed to incorporate user feedback at every level. Any opportunity we have to give our users more information and more ideas should be explored. As you use OurSociety to run your political campaign keep an open mind as to how you would like to see the platform improved and let us know.

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