Content Creation: Question Submission Guidelines

By Ron Rivers,

OurSociety is designed to empower citizens to be more engaged in local government and community.  One way that we encourage participation is through incorporating user-submitted questions into our pool of Societal Value questions.  This method allows us to ensure that the questions being asked are a proper reflection of our Citizen Users interests and concerns.

All questions that are submitted are reviewed prior to publication.  We review submitted questions to confirm that they meet the participation guidelines outlined in this article and to check the submissions against the existing questions in our database to prevent duplicates.  Mindful participation is the cornerstone of OurSociety’s success; keeping the discussion topics and questions focused and relevant help us ensure the quality of the data we analyze.  All findings and results from our data collection are shared with the public and are never sold to any person or organization for any reason.  Together we can build a better society focused on addressing our collective wants and needs using the information gathered by our Societal Values questionnaires.


Question Guidelines:

  1. No questions in regards to a specific person and/or political party. Keep it issue focused.
  2. Questions should be phrased in one of the following two ways:
    • Statement with a scaled agreement answer (Strongly Disagree – Strongly Agree)
    • Yes or No question.
  3. Questions should be written in a neutral tone; our objective is to find the truth, not sway perspectives.
  4. If referencing a specific Law, Statute, Legislation, Bill, etc. be sure to include a link to a neutral source of information so that other users can be informed prior to answering the question.   Example:  Citizens United (
  5. No offensive language will be permitted in any published questions.


Note:  We will assign an appropriate category for your submission when it is approved and published.

OurSociety reserves the right to edit any questions submitted to a more appropriate format prior to publishing. 


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